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#1 Posted : Friday, January 5, 2024 3:29:17 PM(UTC)

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Kingdom of Bretonnia

Lords of Bretonnia 25 x 25mm
Handmaidens of the Lady 25 x 25mm
Sergeants-at-arms 25 x 25mm
Knights of the Realm on foot 25 x 25mm
Squires 25 x 25mm
Men-at-arms 25 x 25mm
Peasant Bowmen 25 x 25mm
Battle Pilgrims 25 x 25mm Grail Reliquae
Knights Errant 30 x 60mm
Mounted Knights of the Realm 30 x 60mm
Questing Knights 30 x 60mm
Grail Knights 30 x 60mm
Pegasus Knights 40 x 60mm
Mounted Yeoman 25 x 50mm
Hippogryph 50 x 50mm
Field Trebuchet 60 x 100mm Crewmen 25 x 25mm

Bretonnian Mounts

Bretonnian Warhorse 30 x 60mm
Warhorse 25 x 50mm
Barded Pegasus 40 x 60mm
Royal Pegasus 50 x 50mm
Unicorn 40 x 60mm

Tomb Kings of Khemri

Monarchs Of Nehekhara 25 x 25mm
Royal Heralds 25 x 25mm
Liche Priests 25 x 25mm
Necrotect 25 x 25mm
Tomb Guard 25 x 25mm
Skeleton Warriors 25 x 25mm
Skeleton Archers 25 x 25mm
Skeleton Skirmishers 25 x 25mm
Ushabti 40 x 40mm
Tomb Swarms 40 x 40mm
Carrion 40 x 40mm
Skeleton Horsemen 25 x 50mm
Skeleton Horse Archers 25 x 50mm
Necropolis Knights 50 x 100mm
Sepulchral Stalkers 50 x 100mm
Skeleton Chariots 50 x 100mm
Necrolith Bone Dragon 100 x 150mm
Khemrian Warsphinx 60 x 100mm
Tomb Scorpion 75 x 50mm
Necrolith Colossus 50 x 50mm
Necrosphinx 60 x 100mm
Screaming Skull Catapult 60 x 100mm Crew - 25 x 25mm
Casket of Souls n/a
Tomb Kings Mounts
Skeletal Steed 25 x 50mm
Skeleton Chariot 50 x 100mm


Standard ogres 40s
Gnoblars 25s
Ogre Lords 40s,
Butchers are 40s, but 50x100 with their cauldron,
Hunters are 50s,
Maneaters are 40s
Yheties are 40s
Gorgers are 50s.

High Elves

High elf standard infantry 25s
Dragons 60x100
All High Elf Cavalry 30x60s
All High Elf ground Chariots 50 x 100
Skycutter Chariot 60 x 100
Griffon 50
Pheonixs 50x100
Great Eagle 50s
Eagle-Claw Bolt Thrower 50s


All Saurus 30s
All skinks 25s
Slann 50s
Cold Ones 30x60
All aerial cav 40s
Kroxigor 40s
Jungle Swarm 40s
Stegadon and Bastiladon 60x100
Salamander/Razordon 50x75
Carnosaur /Troglodon 50x100

Vampire Counts (Legacy List)

Vampire 25 x 25mm
Necromancers 25 x 25mm
Strigoi Ghoul Kings 25 x 25mm
Cairn Wraiths 25 x 25mm
Wights 25 x 25mm
Tomb Banshees 25 x 25mm
Grave Guard 25 x 25mm
Skeleton Warriors 25 x 25mm
Zombies 25 x 25mm
Crypt Ghouls 25 x 25mm
Crypt Horrors 40 x 40mm
Bat Swarms 40 x 40mm
Vargheists 40 x 40mm
Fell Bats 40 x 40mm
Spirit Hosts 40 x 40mm
Blood Knights 30 x 60mm
Black Knights 30 x 60mm
Dire Wolves 25 x 50mm
Hexwraiths 30 x 60mm
Coven Throne 50 x 100mm
Mortis Engine 50 x 100mm
Corpse Cart 50 x 100mm
Black Coach 50 x 100mm
Zombie Dragon 100 x 150mm
Terrorgheist 100 x 150mm
Abyssal Terror 50 x 100mm
Varghulf 50 x 50mm
Vampire Counts Mounts
Skeletal Steed 30 x 60mm
Nightmare 30 x 60mm

Warriors Of Chaos

Champions of Chaos 30 x 30mm
Daemon Princes 50 x 50mm
Sorcerers of Chaos 30 x 30mm
Chaos Warriors 30 x 30mm
Chosen Chaos Warriors 30 x 30mm
Chaos Marauders 25 x 25mm
Forsaken 30 x 30mm
Chaos Ogres 40 x 40mm
Chaos Trolls 40 x 40mm
Chaos Spawn 50 x 50mm
Chaos Knights 30 x 60mm
Chosen Chaos Knights 30 x 60mm
Marauder Horsemen 30 x 60mm
Chaos Warhounds 25 x 50mm
Chaos Warhound Handler 30 x 30mm
Chaos Chariots 60 x 100mm
Gorebeast Chariots 60 x 100mm
Manticore 60 x 100mm
Chaos Dragon 60 x 100mm
Chimera 60 x 100mm
Hellcannon 100 x 150mm
Warriors of Chaos Mounts
Chaos Steed 30 x 60mm
Daemonic Mount 40 x 60mm/50 x 75mm

Skaven Legacy List

Commanders Of The Warlord Clans 25 x 25mm
Grey Seers 25 x 25mm
Clan Skryre Warlock Engineers 25 x 25mm
Clan Eshin Master Assassins 25 x 25mm
Clan Pestilens Plague Priests 25 x 25mm
Stormvermin 25 x 25mm
Clanrats 25 x 25mm
Weapon Teams 25 x 50mm
Warplock Jezzails 25 x 50mm
Poisoned Wind Globadiers 25x25mm
Rat Swarms 40 x 40mm
Packmasters & Master Moulders 25 x 25mm
Rat Ogres 50 x 50mm
Giant Rats 25 x 25mm
Night Runners 25 x 25mm
Gutter Runners 25 x 25mm
Plague Monks 25 x 25mm
Plague Censer Bearers 25 x 25mm
Screaming Bell 60 x 100mm
Plague Furnace 60 x 100mm
Doomwheel 50 x 100mm
Hell Pit Abomination 60 x 100mm
Warp Lightning Cannon 50 x 100mm
Plagueclaw Catapult 50 x 100mm

Orcs & Goblins

Black Orc Bosses 30 x 30mm
Orc Bosses 30 x 30mm
Orc Shamans 30 x 30mm
Goblin Bosses 25 x 25mm (All goblins are the best thing ever)
Goblin Shamans 25 x 25mm
Night Goblin Bosses 25 x 25mm
Night Goblin Shamans 25 x 25mm
Black Orc Mobs 30 x 30mm
Orc Mobs 30 x 30mm
Goblin Mobs 25 x 25mm
Nasty Skulkers 25 x 25mm
Night Goblin Mobs 25 x 25mm
Fanatics 25mm round base
Night Goblin Squig Herds 25 x 25mm
Troll Mobs 40 x 40mm
Orc Boar Boy Mobs 30 x 60mm
Goblin Spider Rider Mobs 25 x 50mm
Goblin Wolf Rider Mobs 25 x 50mm
Night Goblin Squig Hopper Mobs 25 x 25mm
Orc Boar Chariots 50 x 100mm
Goblin Wolf Chariots 50 x 100mm if two wolves 60mm x 100mm if three wolves
Snotling Pump Wagons 50 x 75mm
Wyverns 50 x 100mm
Arachnarok Spider 100 x 150mm
Mangler Squigs 50 x 75mm
Giants 50 x 50mm or 50 x 75mm
Goblin Bolt Throwas 50 x 50mm Crew - 25 x 25mm
Doom Diver Catapults 50 x 75mm Crew - 25 x 25mm
Goblin Rock Lobbers 60mm x 10mm Crew - 25 x 25mm
Orc Bullies 30 x 30mm

Wood Elves

Wood Elf Nobles 25 x 25mm
Wood Elf Mages 25 x 25mm
Shadowdancers 25 x 25mm
Waystalkers 25 x 25mm
Treemen Ancients 50 x 50mm or 50 x 75mm
Branchwraiths 30 x 30mm
Wood Elf Archers 25 x 25mm
Eternal Guard 25 x 25mm
Wildwood Rangers 25 x 25mm
Wardancers 25 x 25mm
Waywatchers 25 x 25mm
Dryads 30 x 30mm
Tree Kin 50 x 50mm
Glade Riders 30 x 60mm
Sisters of the Thorn 30 x 60mm
Wild Riders 30 x 60mm
Warhawk Riders 50 x 50mm
Forest Dragons 60 x 100mm
Great Eagles 50 x 50mm
Treemen 50 x 50mm or 50 x 75mm
Wood Elf Mounts
Elven Steed 30 x 60mm
Great Stag 50 x 50mm
Unicorn 40 x 60mm
Warhawk 50 x 50mm

The Empire of Man

Commanders of the Empire 25 x 25mm
Empire Wizards 25 x 25mm
Witch hunters 25 x 25mm
Warrior Priests Of Sigmar 25 x 25mm
Priests Of Ulric 25 x 25mm
Engineers 25 x 25mm
Empire State Troops 25 x 25mm
State Missile Troops (Crossbowmen/Handgunners) 25 x 25mm
Free Company Militia 25 x 25mm
Empire Greatswords 25 x 25mm
Flagellants 25 x 25mm
Pistoliers 30 x 60mm
Outriders 30 x 60mm
Empire Knights 30 x 60mm
Inner Circle Knights 30 x 60mm
Demigryph Knights 50 x 75mm
War Altar of Sigmar 60 x 100mm
Empire Steam Tank 60 x 100mm
Griffons 60 x 100mm
Great Cannon 50 x 75mm
Mortars 50 x 75mm
Helblaster Volley Guns 50 x 75mm
Helstorm Rocket Batteries 50 x 75mm
Empire Mounts
Barded Warhorse 30 x 60mm
Empire Warhorse 30 x 60mm
Pegasus 40 x 60mm
Demigryph 50 x 75mm


Beastmen Chieftans 25 x 25mm or 30 x 30 mm
Beastmen Shamans 25 x 25mm or 30 x 30 mm
Minotaur Champions 50 x 50mm
Centigor Chieftans 30 x 60mm
Bestigor Herds 30 x 30mm
Gor Herds 25 x 25mm
Ungor Herds 25 x 25mm
Minotaur Herds 50 x 50mm
Centigor Herds 30 x 60mm
Dragon Ogres 50 x 75mm
Chaos Warhounds 25 x 50mm
Razorgor Herds 50 x 75mm
Tuskgor Chariots 50 x 100mm
Razorgor Chariots 50 x 100mm
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth 50 x 75mm
Jabberslythe 60 x 100mm
Cockatrice 50 x 50mm
Cygor 60 x 100mm
Chaos Giant 50 x 50mm/50 x 75mm
Ghorgon 60 x 100mm

Dwarf Lords 25 x 25mm
Shield Bearers 50 x 50mm
Anvil of Doom n/a
Dwarf Runesmiths 25 x 25mm
Slayers of Legend 25 x 25mm
Dwarf Engineers 25 x 25mm
Dwarf Warriors 25 x 25mm
Longbeards 25 x 25mm
Quarrellers and Thunderers 25 x 25mm
Rangers 25 x 25mm
Hammerers 25 x 25mm
Ironbreakers 25 x 25mm
Irondrakes 25 x 25mm
Miners 25 x 25mm
Slayers 25 x 25mm
Gyrocopters 50 x 50mm
Gyrobombers 50 x 50mm
Bolt Throwers 50 x 50mm
Grudge Throwers 50 x 75mm
Cannon 50 x 50mm
Organ Guns 50 x 50mm
Flame Cannon 50 x 75mm

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