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Offline grimduck  
#1 Posted : Wednesday, August 27, 2008 2:22:54 PM(UTC)

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Turn 1

Moving out and keeping my options open. The long fangs split fire (space wolf special rule) into the Howling Banshees (heavy bolters) and Wraithlord (lascannon). The howling banshees dive behind cover except one which is killed. The lascannon hits the wraithlord but fails to wound.

Damn, I'm going to have a hard time killing two of them.


Eldar Wraithlords and banshee move closer to the marine force. The Eldar Rangers snipe a grey hunter but they pass their pinning test. The wraithlords and guardian squad starcannons (I think) open up killing 3 marines.

Turn 2

As the Rangers seem to be impossible to kill with shooting I move a squad of Grey Hunter to assault them next turn.
The other Grey Hunter squad and the Blood Claw squad is moved to gun down a wraithlord, I hope.

The Grey Hunter take a long shot, pardon the pun and rapid fire the Rangers. With their 2+ cover save I'm supprised to kill 2 (omg, my guys are rocking). The Eldar failing their morale check and falling back out of cover, excellent.

The long fangs split their fire again between the Banshees and a Wraithlord, 4 banshees are killed and a wraithlord wounded. The banshees fail their morale test and fall back.

The Grey hunter and Blood claws cause 2 wound on the other wraithlord. They have short ranged weapons so I cannot concentrate fire power. So one wraithlord as 2 wounds remaining and another only 1, things are going great (until the next round).


Rangers and Banshees rally, it was to be expected. A wraithlord moves into assault range and my mistake dawned on me, nothing can wound it in close combat. Let me repeat my problem, NOTHING can wound it.

The other wraithlord and the Guardian squad's weapon platform target the Long Fangs and the leader gets killed, I cannot split the fire any more.

The Grey Hunters get flamed and then assaulted and three are killed by the wraithlord, the marines bravely fight on.

Turn 3

The Long Fangs take bloody revenge for their fallen leader, killing all but 2 howling banshees (champion and a trooper).

The rallied Rangers get destroyed with a rapid fire frenzy by the Grey Hunters, their mission is a success.

The Grey Hunters get broken by the wraithlord and destroyed in the confusion. I had only suffered one wound but the Hunters had had enough.


The wraithlords reposition to assault the other squads, some shooting casualties inflicted but nothing to bad.

A wraithlord and the remaining banshee assault the blood claws with wolf priest, this is bad as they cannot wound the wraithlord. The howling banshees are destroyed in close combat but the wraithlord start ripping my marine a new hole.

(This is the moments I miss fantasy, flee as a charge responce)

The other wraithlord shots at my Long Fangs taking one down.

Turn 4

The Grey Hunters that destroyed the Rangers are moved toward the Guardians and general (???).

Bad, bad, bad, I should not have gotten into a combat with the wraithlord. Nothing to do expect hope I hold out for two more turns or break and run way in his turn.

Nope, I break and get destroyed and lost the battle as my Wolf Priest get killed.

The Long Fangs kill a wraithlord, finally.


The Grey Hunters moving toward his Guardians and general get targeted, three hunters go down. Armour saves are failing left and right.

Turn 5

The three remaining Grey Hunters assault into combat with the Guardian squad. I think one Guardian fell and no Hunters were killed.


The last two Long Fangs get killed, having not ducked behind the covering wall. Nothing much more to do for Koenraad as the other squad was in close combat.

A Grey hunter is killed in the melee for 3 (or so) Guardians dead.

Turn 6

Nothing to do but hope for a great melee, I killed 4 guardian but to no avail they hold.


A Grey hunter was killed against some guardians, the battle was over and the eldar had won the battle but at great cost.

Last thoughts

When my squads broke from combat with the wraithlord they probably should not have been removed because of the "And they shall known no fear" rule but it was going bad any way so I don't think it would have made a difference. Mental note, for next edition read the rules :) This is mainly cause by my army not having a new codex but the strange old, new combo.

Ik hoop dat the schrijf fouten te doen zijn maar ben zeker dat er veel zijn :D

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Offline DenDeef  
#2 Posted : Thursday, August 28, 2008 6:40:28 AM(UTC)

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proper, pech jonge... maar wraithlords zijn stevige menne he.
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Offline wiz  
#3 Posted : Thursday, August 28, 2008 7:31:57 AM(UTC)

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Offline BloodEyes  
#4 Posted : Thursday, August 28, 2008 8:34:47 AM(UTC)

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Man die Wraithlords waren hard. Ik vond die dingen totaal niet gebalanceerd voor 750 punten. En dan nog twee van die dingen...
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Offline grimduck  
#5 Posted : Thursday, August 28, 2008 8:46:58 AM(UTC)

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Wraithlord zijn idd wel hard T 8 is te vergelijken met Armour 11 á 12 (niet helemaal maar toch bijna), 3 wound is eigenlijk gewoon 2 structure point, dus een vrij hard model. Behalve natuurlijk dat dingen die tegen vehicle werken niet tegen een wraithlord werken, melta weapon bijvoorbeeld.

Een vehicle kan natuurlijk meerder shot overleven door slechte table roll maar zelf een vehicle shaken stop tenminste die marine killers :)

Soit volgende keer ga ik toch beter rekening meehouden.

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Offline Shadowhunt3r  
#6 Posted : Thursday, August 28, 2008 9:51:10 AM(UTC)

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En ne wraitlord zorgt er ook voor dat u unit vastzit in combat. Ook is het niet mogelijk granaten te gebruiken waardoor er slechts heel weinig wapens overblijven die er iets kunnen tegen doen...
Offline larry@zenith  
#7 Posted : Saturday, August 30, 2008 1:39:38 PM(UTC)

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Powerfists, VEEL powerfists...
Offline koenraad  
#8 Posted : Monday, September 1, 2008 3:09:18 PM(UTC)

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om eerlijk te zijn hebben die 2 wraithlords wel al mijn games gewonnen op zich en zijn wel vrij OP. Maar met die plasme dingen etc en shadowhunter zijn hq kregen ze wel wat slaag. Hier was er ook 1 met 2 wounds en 1 met 1 wound. Was dat tesamen op 1 model geweest was er 1 dood en ik waarschijnlijk gewiped.

Maar vrees niet volgende bbq kom ik waarschijnlijk met een paar frisse groene jongens, death or glory :)
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